Documents for post-clearance inspection

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Documents for post-clearance inspection


1. General list of customs declarations arising in the inspection period according to the criteria of each type: Ordinal number, number of declarations, date of declaration, name of type, place of opening the declaration (Arrangement by type and date of registration)

2. The entire original dossier of import and export declarations in the above list: Contract, customs declaration, invoice, packinglist, bill of lading, C / O, payment documents and other related documents if any.

3. The detailed list of declarations according to the type of processing, export production arising during the inspection period according to the criteria of each type: Serial number, number of declaration, date of declaration, name of type, material / product code, HS code, product name, quantity, unit price, value, number of processing contracts, date of processing contracts.

4. List of canceled and duplicated declarations.

5. Detailed list of declaration forms of re-export of raw materials.

6. Production norms of processed goods and export production in the inspection period.

Report on the process of developing the customs declaration norm enclosed with the explanatory documents, and the report on the process of dealing with scrap, faulty products and wastes at the company together with the dossiers, contracts and vouchers accompanying the consumption. cancel, transfer domestic consumption, return, …

Document showing the process of producing and circulating raw materials from import to take raw materials for production until the finished product, enclosed with documents to prove.

7. Table of unifying raw materials, exported products between import, export, storage and accounting divisions of the company (Note the code of raw materials, products according to the type of processing separately to another table) , at the time of making ace finalization report, it must match the category and product codes, the material’s negative and negative is also the cause 3 parts code management scattered.

8. Accounting vouchers and other documents such as:

– Financial statements of the years during the inspection period: Minutes of inventory of financial inventories at the end of the financial year, accounting books, fund books, accounting vouchers of all types related to the implementation of the terms of purchase and sale contracts with foreign traders, with domestic customers, … all kinds of books, tracking sheets for warehousing- ex-warehousing of raw materials, warehousing-ex-warehousing of finished products, reports on raw material ex-import and export. products in the inspection phase. Monitoring books, vouchers for the purchase, sale, payment of raw materials and supplies provided in the country, inland transport, …

– Reports submitted to the production plan of each specialized division related to imported raw materials, domestic purchases, exported products.

– Report on the import and export of raw materials, supplies, semi-finished products, unfinished products on chains, and finished products at the end of the fiscal year and by the time of inspection by the warehouse, accounting department, For semi-finished products, unfinished products and finished products, they may be converted into starting materials at the import stage or purchased domestically with paper or soft copies.

9. Investment certificate: Copies, true copies including first documents and changes. Types of documents about the legal status of the company: Representative, investment license, business registration, warehousing (Storage of raw materials, products, scraps, …) examination and examination of functional agencies.

10. Other relevant documents generated during inspection when requested by the inspection team.


– Detailed book of accounts 611, 151, 152, 155, 131, 331.
– Related account ledger 111, 112, 621, 622, 627, 154, 632.
– Detailed account of account 154 under the object of cost collection.
– Account details keeping track of raw materials and goods of performance of processing contracts.

Legal grounds:
– Decision No. 575 / QD-TCHQ dated March 21, 2019 replacing Decision No. 1410 / QD-TCHQ dated May 14, 2015 on promulgating the Process of Post-Clearance Inspection, effective from 01 / 04/2019.

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