What do intelligent people do to waste time?

What do intelligent people do to waste time?

What do intelligent people do to waste time?

Answer: They procrastinate.

Yes, you read it right.

They indeed procrastinate the important work. However, they do it differently.

The intelligent people practice an efficient procrastination.

Turns out, it’s possible to procrastinate with the purpose and even benefit while putting the important things off.

Reading. Discovering new ideas and thoughts via reading is by far the best way to waste your precious time. The intelligent people have a robust habit of reading. They read a lot to get different perspectives on the things they are interested in and get inspired for something new.

Learning. Education is a new form of procrastination: people keep learning stuff while putting off the real action. Nevertheless, it’s a good way to procrastinate since it allows you to stay on track and make sure your skills are relevant.

Writing. Sharing your thoughts with others via producing a high-quality content is probably the most popular way to procrastinate with intelligent people. Quora and Medium provide an incredible opportunity to expose your ideas to millions of people around the world, get valuable feedback and show your expertise

Generating ideas. There is always a desire to abstract from the tasks that need to get done and think over other ideas. The intelligent people find brainstorming and discussing ideas with others also the great ways of meaningful procrastination.

Thinking. Sometimes it’s very helpful to get into your alone zone and spend some time just thinking. This type of procrastination allows you to prioritize the things that matter most, set the goals and reflect on your life.

List out a perfect day checklist to master your time and succeed in the modern competitive world.

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