Ocean export process

Ocean export process

Tra cứu giá cước xuất khẩu

Ocean export process

Given the number of participants and steps involved, most exporters and importers find the international shipping process time consuming and challenging.

We understand both the importance of international trade and the challenges involved in it. To reduce the time involved and make the process more efficient, we created an integrated supply chain platform that brings together some of the main participants in the international trade ecosystem.

Contrary to popular belief, the international shipping process does not start when the shipment is loaded on a ship, it starts when the importer identifies the need for a particular product and floats an enquiry – globally, to procure those products.

The shipping process involves the flow of goods and documents from the place of origin to the place of destination. For the process to be completed successfully, the transfer of goods and the documents from one party to another must take place in synchronization.

Here is an infographic that shows the steps involved in the international shipping process (for a shipment exported from India) from the time the need for a product is identified till it is fulfilled.

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Step 1: Identifies need for product and floats an inquiry in the international market

Step 2: Revert on inquiry with quote and product sample/specifications

Step 3: Shortlist quotes and gets in touch with most prefered exporter

Step 4: Applied for import – export code (IEC) number (for first time exporters)

Step 5: Applies for Registration cum membership certificate ( RCMC)

Step 6: Negotiate and fix the contract of sale includes term of payment, L/C, delivery, transportation, insurance and time lines)

Step 7: Prepare and send the proform invoice

Step 8: Prepare and send an export order and purchase order

Step 9: Arrange for finance bank loan (if needed)

Step 10: Manufacturer or procures goods

Step 11: Arrange insurance as per contract of sale

Step 12: Arranges for packaging, labeling, and marking of the goods as per standard shipping practices.

Step 13: Pick up delivery order (DO) for container from shipping line and arrange for container pick up, stuffing and sealing.

Step 14: Arrange for inter modal transportation till port of loading.

Step 15: Hands over the shipment at port warehouse

Step 16: Arrange for customs clearance

Step 17: Document check and pays port dues to the Port Trust Authorities.

Step 18: Collect bill of loading from the shipping line after handing over documents and master’s receipt to the shipping line.

Step 19: Applies for certificate of origin issued by the Chamber of Commerce.

Step 20: Load the goods on the scheduled carrier (ship)

Step 21: Couriers the original bill of loading and other documents to the importer/ consignee

Step 22: Present the documents to the customs at port of destination for import clearance

Step 23: Takes custody of the shipment

Step 24: Arrange for transport of goods to the final destination.

Step 25: Arrange for unloading of goods and hand over empty container at appointed yard of the shipping line

Step 26: Collect payment from the bank or importer and applies for Government incentives (if applicable)

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