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Customs Agent


Customs procedures for each export or import the particular features and the same can not be applied in all countries. For one shipment, if the preparation of vouchers careless and imprecise as well as any errors in the process up declaration will also lead to the delay or even delayed the delivery goods at ports, causing large cost incurred while delaying the whole production line of a factory or a distribution system of a corporation.

Therefore, customs clearance procedures for accurate, fast and efficient mean extremely important in the process of production and circulation of goods. Understanding the difficulties and importance of professional customs declaration as noted above, our company has devoted wholly devoted to recruitment and training guidance staff customs brokerage experienced and enthusiasm to handle the operational steps clearance of goods for customers.

When you come to us, customers will be consulting solutions for shipment clearance fastest, most secure strict compliance under applicable law Vietnam as well as international conventions. Our deep understanding of the regulations and policies of the local government and to ensure that goods circulating smoothly across the gate and delivery deadlines are met on time.

Besides, with the General Department of Customs certification Customs agents nationwide, we are confident can meet all the highest requirements of customers quickly, completely and perfectly. As to us, your goods will be clearance smoothly and safely with suitable solutions while fully complying with strict accordance with current laws of Vietnam as well as international conventions based on a deep understanding of the regulations and policies of the government.

Services customs declaration currently we are offering:

  • Customs services at Ports and Airports
  • Customs services at the Export Processing Zone and Industrial Park in Binh Duong.
  • Customs services Foreign Investment
  • Customs services for goods temporarily imported / re-export and re-exports / temporary import
  • Services C / O (certificate of origin)

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Customs procedures import and export goods at port sand (Sand Harbor Drive, ICD, VICT …) How? 

Procedures for export, import procedures at the airport (TCS warehouse, warehouse SCSC) and warehouse TECS courier (TNT, DHL, FEDEX, UPS).

Sales procedures in export processing zones – High-tech zone, special economic zone …

Customs Agent, Customs Agent, Customs Agent, Customs Agent, 


On customs procedures for each type of import (business, investment, sourcing, production for export and temporary import for re-export in place …)

About commodity policy, application of HS codes, customs duty, customs valuation, customs goods inspection, consult the price, check after customs clearance.

On the international forms of payment: L / C, TT …

Regarding reimbursement procedures, exemption, no tax collection, transfer procedures of import duty and VAT has been paid to the declarations of the new procedures for tax adjustment due to the wrong payment 2 times at border customs ports, customs CK airport, customs industrial parks – export processing zones, customs Branch road border crossings …

DV cum container transport logistics Import Export, Customs Service Package.

On procedures for import of machinery and equipment, tools, fixed assets, licensing procedures, the list of goods exempt, procedures for certification synchronous line.

On procedures and dossiers, C / O (certificate of origin) of Form A, B, D, E, AK, AJ, AI, AANZ, VC …

On procedures for granting certificates (XK), check (NK) plant quarantine, animal quarantine food safety. 

Regarding re-export procedures (exported) goods do not conform to the quality, type, specifications or breach of contract in all 02 cases and no customs declaration customs declaration.

On the procedures / processes electronic customs declaration.

Guide registered account VNACCS electronic customs declaration and customs declaration system VNACCS / VCIS.

Consulting bank guarantee procedures to be entitled to the tax grace.

On how to use and provide token signature and renewal CKS customs declaration.

Customs Agent, Customs Agent, Customs Agent, Customs Agent, 


In the process of international integration, the majority of domestic companies and international organizations do not want to, operate and maintain the import-export department for the following reasons: 

  • Staff salary costs and modes with very high and often.
  • Cost of fixed assets, tools and supplies, trinkets perishable, stationery … very expensive and often.
  • When no operations HQ – import-export, they must still maintain import-export department with regular fixed costs attached.
  • Potential policy risks for qualified staff is not professional or amateur, not updating the policy regime current Imex timely.
  • When facing work pressure often passive, difficult to overcome …