Ocean export process


Road Freight

Road Freight Solutions

When you need to move goods, cargo or freight, our registered transporters, transport companies and other service providers will provide you with cost effective road freight quotations. Our transporters provide road transport and courier services countrywide and we also have truckers that provide cross border freight transport services…

Cost effective

Logistics solutions offers you complete solutions for your Road freight consignments. Whether you need Full Truck Loads or Less than Full Truck Loads, containerized cargo deliveries or cargo transportation under temperature control our operations team will offer you an optimized and most cost-effective option.

Optimized option

Our company handles each cargo with great care, delivering our customers goods safely and on time is our top responsibility and offering a service that will leave our partners satisfied is our main priority, every day we strive towards perfection and we can confidently say that we are one of the best in this business.


Provides domestics transportation services which container trucks and over satellite vehicles from reputable contractors, will enable Logistics Solutions to transport over 1000 containers / month for customers with competitive price …


We support for transport and trade facilitation led to significant savings in vehicle operating costs and travel time, and reduced border-crossing times; and also to expansion of economic activities, with new industries and special industrial zones developing along the regional road corridors…

Air Freight

Air Freight Solutions

Working together with carefully selected carriers, we operate with schedules on all the world’s major routes so you can plan with certainty for greater efficiency.

Our air freight solutions offer is also highly flexible to meet specific customer requirements. While door to door is our standard offering, airport to airport, door to airport and airport to door options are also available.

Urgent shipment

Ideal for time-sensitive freight, delivered in the fastest possible door-to-door freight forwarding transit time. Using the first scheduled carrier flight out, this service delivers accelerated shipment clearance and handling at origin and destination. 

Fast & Affordable

A fast and flexible choice for moving a wide range of freight shipments from anywhere to anywhere. 

Globally available service, typical transit time of 3-5 days, cargo transportation for freight of all shapes, sizes and types …

Express service

Using the most economical routing and carrier selection, this cost-effective product doesn’t compromise on customer service. This globally available and reliable service is ideal for less time-sensitive freight.

Specialist cargo

Providing flexible capacity and routing options for your special lift requirements,  we have qualified charter experts in key centers of trade to supply to to you all full range service same as handling over-sized,..

Sea Freight

Sea Freight Solutions

Our company offers all types of ocean freight services starting from container carriage up to vessel chartering, Ro-Ro and bulk carriage. With our worldwide network of partners and agents we can deliver you cargo in any destination around the globe. The professional logistics specialists will develop the best solutions and ensure safe door-to-door transportation of our customers cargoes.


We are also Lognet Global Independent Agents and members of the WCA Family, which means we have the network connections necessary to reliably ship your cargo wherever it needs to go. If you have a challenging shipping project or a tight deadline, we want to help.

Door to door

Through transport or shipping arrangement to ensure direct flow of goods from the exporter to the importer (or from the point-of-origin to the point-of-sale) with a minimum of interruption and delay. Also called house to house service.

Heavy - bulky

If your cargo is Non-Containerized Load because it is too heavy or bulky to be shipped in conventional containers, our Project Cargo division we will take care of it with tailor-made solutions.

Ocean thermonet

Designed for temperature-controlled ocean freight life science shipments that require real-time visibility and active monitoring.

Quality and Compliance – through quality management system and GDP guidelines

Rail Freight

Rail Freight Solutions

Rail Freight Services key objective is to deliver its customers value with their materials handling requirements, by providing innovative service solutions, whether rail, marine, inter-modal or road, whilst being able to service a wide variety of contracts, operating within time constraints of rail and tide timetables, combined with operating to the highest standards of Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental compliance within the industry.

Low cost

Within the same continent – rail freight rates are by far more convenient than the costs of another mode of transport because it uses less fuel. Moreover, the costs are kept low mostly when the freight’s origin and destination are close to rail heads.

Carrying heavier

Railway transport is a better alternative to road transport because it imposes no limitation to the load that can be carried.

In time delivery

Because railway transport is less influenced by weather conditions and less exposed to traffic congestion, transit times are usually respected. However, delivery times are usually longer than road freight services and thus, they are a good fit for deliveries that are not urgent.

Safer transport

Although railway transport is also exposed to mishaps, the number of accidents determined by the transportation on road outranks the ones of rail freight, which makes the rail freight transport a safer option.

Natural cargo

Such as coal, petroleum, natural gas, chemical products and metals, agricultural products or food – rail freight has the highest share for shipping such commodities in comparison with other modes of transport.


As an environmentally friendly option – railway transport is considered to be four times more fuel efficient than trucks.

Storage and warehousing

Storage and warehousing service

You and your company have just been importing goods to Vietnam port, or preparing to export your cargo to the abroad? You are looking for a safe storage of goods, convenient for transport and distribution to factories, retail outlets follow to your orders? We believe in providing an optimal solution to meet your needs and company.

Storing of goods

As well as ensuring you fulfil your legal duty to protect the health and safety of those affected by your business, the right approach to storage can also help you reduce pollution, unnecessary wastage and other costs.


We offer a one-stop distribution processing service to suit the product, including storage at the client’s desired temperature range. We prepare multi-functional warehouses that can meet all the various needs of our clients.

Container Unload

The goods stored in shipping containers come in all shapes and sizes. The unique needs of the items in each container make selecting the right equipment and people tough. Time constraints can also prevent breakable goods from reaching their destination in one piece. Logistics Solution can negotiate loading and unloading services that rise to all of these challenges.

Barcord service

Our team focuses on learning your business processes first. Then, we develop, deploy, and manage solutions (from bar-code labels  systems to enterprise-wide mobile solutions) that let you sleep better at night and make your customers smile. Since these, making you efficient, accurate, and connected.

Port operation

Port operation service

Logistics solutions supply to you common operations that occur on port properties that are either conducted by a port tenant, operator, contractor, owner, or governing body (e.g. port authority). These are mainly activities occurring on the land-side rather than the water-side with the exception of dredging and the Vessel General Permit regulations. Also included are federal environmental regulations that may apply to that particular common operation.

Load & unload

Commodities are loaded and off-loaded from vessels, trucks, rail cars, warehouses. Air emissions from crane operations, truck, rail cars. Loading docks at warehouse potential for spill into storm drain. Loading, off-loading of liquids into tanks …

Container depot

Crane operation, Trucking, dry-yard trucks, yard hustlers. Rail car operations. Vessel discharge containers and back-load containers. Truck delivery containers and pickup containers. Project cargo that is larger than normal cargo and requires special cranes (e.g. a cooling tower for a power plant) …

Chemical Storage

Typically these are non-bulk drums, totes and various-sized containers of chemicals and chemical products, pesticides, that are be loaded/off-loaded and stored on port/tenant property.


Demolition, repair, construction of structures, warehouse, pipelines, piers, public space, roadways, rail spurs, infrastructure required by new tenants, barges, utilities, etc.

Equipment Cleaning

Gantry Cranes, conventional cranes, fork lifts, trucks, buckets & grapples, bull dozers pay loaders, boom trucks, welding trucks, water trucks, excavators, sweepers, pumps, tug boats, deck barges, hopper barges, crane barges, trackers, asphalt trailers, flat beds, fuel oil tankers, bulk cement trailers, engines, etc.

Electrical Shop

Electrical shops in the shipyard perform a variety of functions throughout the industry. In many cases, the electrical shop installs, rebuilds, builds, and tests electrical components (e.g., motors, lights, transformers, gauges, etc.).

Fumigation Practices

Typical uses of a fumigant at port facilities include commodity fumigation activities for import and exported goods such as fruit, grain, cut flowers, plants, wood packaging, wood products, etc.

Liquid Bulk Storage

Product is transferred to/from vessels and stationary bulk tanks and truck and rail tank cars

Commodities could include petroleum products including vegetable oil, animal oil, petroleum, synthetic, fuel, sludge, chemical hazardous substances, food products, etc.

Public Parks & Space

  • Public fishing
  • Solid waste removal
  • Pesticide/ herbicide storage and use
  • Drinking water supply
  • Brownfields redevelopment and dredged material application to build the public space

Rail Road Services

  • Break repair (could contain asbestos)
  • Track repair and new track construction (industrial grade track and rail on dock)
  • Locomotive repair, maintenance
  • Rail storage for tenants