Procedure for state inspection of food safety

QUATEST 3 is designated as an organization to carry out the State inspection of food safety for imported food under the management of the Ministry of Health at the southern border gates according to Decision 1543 / QD-BYT dated 20 / 4/2017. For business convenience, QUATEST 3 guides procedures for implementing the above State inspection regulations as follows:

GOVERNING SCOPE: Products in accordance with Appendix 01 Decision No. 1543 / QD-BYT dated 20/4/2017.


– Bottled water; Natural mineral water; Functional foods; Micronutrients added to foods and micronutrient fortified foods; Food Additives; Food flavoring; Food processing aids; Tools, packaging materials and food containers; Food ice (Instant ice and food ice); Other products are not specified in the list of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

– Imported lots of foods are under the management of 02 sets or more, except for lots of fresh food

1. Registration form for checking imported foodstuff according to the form specified in Appendix 02 issued together with Circular No. 52/2015 / TT-BYT (03 copies in case the enterprise submits a paper dossier) .

2. Certified copy or copy with seal of the trader enclosed with the original for comparison or the online-stamped copy of the trader with the dossier of announcing the technical-regulation conformity or announcement of conformity to technical regulations. food safety regulations.

3. The Notice of Food Safety Department – Ministry of Health allows to apply reduction inspection (if any).

4. Authorization letter of the trader responsible for the quality of goods for organizations and individuals doing the work of importing food products (if any).

5. A copy of the enclosed list of goods (Packing list).

6. Certified copy and certified by the owner: Bill of lading; Invoice (Invoice).


1. Appendix 01: List of food products / groups of products; goods under the management of the Ministry of Health (Issued together with Joint Circular 13/2014 / TTLT-BYT-BNNPTNT-BCT).

2. Appendix 02 issued together with Circular 52/2015 / TT-BYT – Registration form of imported food inspection.

3. Appendix 1A issued with Circular 52/2015 / TT-BYT – Application for application of reduced inspection method for imported foods (if reduced inspection method is allowed)

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